Thursday, August 22, 2013

10" Classic Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl - Sharps Sale!

10-Sharp_LG_3 Take advantage of our end-of-summer overstock sale and get a 10" bowl today! We have created this special sale for those looking to build their collection of crystal singing bowls, or for those who are wanting to get started with a crystal singing bowl. The 10" Classic Frosted bowl is perfect for beginners and practitioners alike! It is small enough to be portable or to use in healing or meditation anywhere. No coupon needed! This offer will expire at noon MDT on September 1st, 2013, or when the stock has been depleted, so hurry and get yours today! Sharps work with different energy centers than the whole notes in the body, and are great for targeting specific types of healing or meditative states. For instance, C# is associated closely with improving sexual function and awareness, while the G# is better for improving clarity of thought and enthusiasm. Listed below are the sharps correlations:
  • C# - Sexual - Sexuality, will and passion
  • D# - Duality - becoming one with another, releasing fear & doubt
  • F# - High heart - spiritual love, connection to Deity
  • G# - Zeal point - improving energy, clarity, enthusiasm
  • A# - Pineal - increasing spirituality, seeking knowledge

Check out the 10" Classic Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl Sale here or call 1-800-358-9492!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Crystal Tones Celebrates Kauai Crystal Temple

Crystal Tones Celebrates Kauai Crystal Temple

We invite you to visit our Crystal Tones Crystal Singing Bowls Temple on the beautiful island of Kauai.
Our Hawaiian Temple offers an expansive selection of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls™ by Crystal Tones® allowing you to experience them in person in a beautifully designed meditative space.
The Temple is created to provide a supportive field to interact with our bowls and their tonal harmonics. A spacious core area of the Temple allows for individual or group gatherings and classes. This Temple includes magnificent acoustics and a serene ambiance with enough space to enjoy large sets of bowls, allowing you to fully experience their harmonics.
On your next journey to Kauai, please come play with us!

5330 Koloa Road
Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii

Located in the courtyard of the “Old
Koloa Town Shops”

Mon. thru Sat. from 11am to 5pm
and by appointment

Crystal Lober
Phone: (808) 212-6290