Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Leaves of Life™ - Maple Alchemy™

Across much of the Northern Hemisphere, the leaves on trees are changing color. Gorgeous displays of reds, yellows, and palettes of orange and brown hues are gracing parks and hillsides, reminding us that Fall is in full swing and the seasons are transitioning once again.

Our Leaves of Life™  series pay homage to our relationship with plant life and trees, recognizing their importance in our ecosystems and their role in many areas of our lives. For this reason, our Leaves of Life™  bowl in the Maple Alchemy pattern  is our Featured Bowl for this week of October.

As part of our Gallery Series™ , the Maple Alchemy is part of a set of uniquely beautiful healing tools. These masterfully artistic bowls radiate with the ancient and infinite healing of gold. Joining the creational field with that of the divine healer, all of our Gallery Series™ bowls bathe us in both physical and spiritual beauty - reminding us that all we need is to allow ourselves to be the healers we seek.

Maple has been seen as a symbol of increased abundance, and combined with the prosperity energies of gold, this bowl is a transformational tool of the highest vibration!

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